About Us

Innovation doesn't grow in a box. But it does thrive in safe places. At GMI, we provide the safety that gives companies and individuals the freedom to grow. We work to pinpoint risks and prevent them from becoming losses so our clients are free to create the future; we help our clients identify unseen risks—and stop accidents before they happen.

For nearly one hundred years, our organization has faced and managed complex risks; and provided the risk expertise and financial strength that empowers 90 million clients in more than 100 countries. Today, our organization is evolving to better meet our clients' needs.

We're simplifying our structure so that we work more closely with clients, provide greater transparency, and deliver value faster and more efficiently. As One AIG, we're becoming leaner, more focused, and more profitable. We recognize the constant need for change, and we're up to the challenge.

The world is changing faster than ever. What was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. But with GMI's risk expertise, you'll be more prepared, with less fear for the future. We're ready to help you seize new opportunities.

Enjoy the future. Leave the risks to us.

Research to Create a Safer, Stronger Future

We value curiosity and adaptability, and we apply these qualities together to help our clients achieve more as our world evolves. At GMI, we're developing advanced techniques in data science and technology that keep our clients safer and better informed. By harnessing our unparalleled wealth of data and our experts' deep expertise, we deliver insights that help a wide range of industries around the world prevent losses and achieve better outcomes. We regularly share the results of these explorations with governmental organizations, NGOs, specialized researchers, and expert practitioners. Take a moment to see what sparks your curiosity in our Knowledge and Insights library.

Enjoy the future. Leave the risks to us.

Serving Businesses, Non-Profits, and Institutions

We're ranked as one of 10 most preferred carriers of commercial insurance, and we're the #1 commercial insurer in the U.S. and Canada. We're also the world's largest nonlife insurer by market capitalization. We're humbled to serve 98 percent of the Fortune 500, 96 percent of the Fortune 1000, and 90 percent of the Fortune Global 500.

Serving Individuals, Families, and Employers

We're a market leader in helping to secure financial futures. We're ranked as the #1 provider of fixed-rate deferred annuity sales and as one of the top providers of group retirement plans. We're a leader in personal insurance in countries around the world, and we're the choice of almost half of the Forbes 400 Richest Americans.