We are all patients and it is with this basic understanding we operate. We know what we would need, want and deserve as a patient. As such we have the exact same opportunities no more no less all of our clients have. We have like many of our clients faced life and death medical decisions, faced uncertainty in undertaking a new medical treatment, have been worried and scared for a loved one. We know the emotional cost that can never be factored into a medical decision and we worry equally about each service we support of offer.

Our patients are our support network. Without them we would not exist, without their referrals we would not be able to provide our coverage to others, without their trust we would fail as a company and in our promise to them.

Our patients provide us with an insurmountable amount of information. Not only on the success of their procedure, but on the location and options available to them. There is no way for GMI or anyone who has not experienced a medical treatment to explain how it worked and how it was handled. So we turn to our patients to provide us this information. It is based upon this information we are able to not only improve the treatment, but the experience as well.