We are GMI

Each person has the opportunity and obligation to create change to better the world we live in. It is within this context we created Globale Medicum and Globale Medicum Insurance. The concept was simple; “offer help” where there was currently none available.

It was with our decades of work globally within the healthcare industry we came to know of a multitude of medical procedures offering help and improved quality of life to thousands every day. However, many of these lifesaving and live improving treatments were unavailable due to the classification of “experimental”, “alternative” or “investigational” treatment.

Over the course of time we created a network providing international support for hospitals, research facilities and patients to locate and utilize each other’s services to obtain the care they needed. The cost of these procedures was as expected prohibited, and limited access to only those who could afford the procedures. Hence, our vision was created and our mission developed.

We have had the opportunity to witness children walk who could not walk, people see who could not see, people remember who could not remember and people who were told there is no hope live to see their family again. Having the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better and create a company that can do so is amazing. It’s something everyone associated with our company is proud of and it’s something everyone who wants help can have.

Our goal is to transform the insurance industry into a services industry. Serving our policy holders the way they should be treated, protecting our policy holders from the unforeseen and foreseen without prejudice.

Sincerely, President – Dr. Bill Reding